Wednesday, June 24, 2009

what's up with sneezing and Peeing???

So baby has taken it upon itself to require me to consider wearing a pantyliner full time. Why you might ask i am sharing this bit of TMI??? Because four out of the five times that i sneeze i think it scares the crap out of baby, so therefore Babylove does a giant Karate kick to my bladder (HII YA!) because i almost always seem to have a little leakage when i sneeze. Yeah great funny, HAHA... it even happens when i've JUST peed!! I mean does this kid keep reserves i don't know about? What's up with this?!?!?

SO lets recap, not ONLY does Babylove like to play games with me where i think i need to pee gallons but only a tablespoon comes out but ALSO now baby thinks it's funny when i wet myself! WHa ha ha... yeah revenge can be sweet!

Oh and for all you smarty pants out there that are going to send me messages to practice my kegals, I DO! EVERYDAY! I'm doing them NOW! But i'm telling this child is taking after me and doesn't care... he/she can find ways!

Oh and don't forget to vote... this time tomorrow i'll be posting if Babylove cooperated and gave me a peep show. Knowing my child it will try to be difficult but i will threaten it with a really evil nickname if he/she won't spread them!

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