Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Biggest... something

So i LOVE to follow other blogs, they give me great ideas, advice, and support! I've been TRYING to find some good weight loss blogs, you know by REAL women. I don't want one that's all recipes. I don't want one that has someone who is already there, and i don't want one with someone who is like me (always giving up). I need one WITH pictures, I'm visual... i don't like reading blogs that never have pictures, call me stuck up, it's okay.

I've also been having this staleness lurking around my blog like expired milk and i know why now... there are only so many times i can tell you about Kinsley's snotty nose and poopy diaper before I even feel like it's getting old. I mean SEEING pictures of her is never boring but some of my topics are well, lacking. So I decided I needed to get back into the passion of my blogging by writing about something I'm truly passionate about, at least at the moment... getting back into shape and loving my body. No i don't want to be her:

Mainly because my boobs enjoy being near my ankles and my thighs get lonely unless they are touching... BUT maybe i can get to this level:

I kid I kid... I'm thinking:

Notice the curve of having a butt and the jugs (that i will have to find a miracle bra to create), yet a pretty rocking waist and arms! That's what i want... fit yet woman! ROAHHHH!

So I'm going to blog about what is always running through my mind, MY WEIGHT! My attempt at loosing it and my feelings about it. I will still show you my darling little butter bean, since she is HUGE motivator in this journey and because, well, she ROCKS!

So here's the journey, this is where it begins. AND this time it will end, happily!

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