Friday, January 14, 2011


Has another tooth, yet still no molars, even though they look like they can bust through at any moment, though they might have, she won't let me in her mouth to see, i saw the previously mentioned tooth because, well, it's in the front and i make her laugh deep belly laughs because, beside the fact that it makes my heart smile, i can see her teeth... i love to count them! yes we watch a lot of sesame street... hence the obsession with counting...

The hubs took her to school TWO days this week! Stop the presses! I know! How fabulous. On the bad note, he's been getting home pretty dern late. So i told him if he's getting home late no matter what he can do morning duty with Kinsley~ Worked 2 mornings!

I have to say though that I'm selfish. I LOVE getting to pick her up. I'm sad if I'm not the one to pick her up. Knowing that you got to make her smile so big you might just get a peek at the molars makes my heart smile!

Oh and no more bottles for us! YEA! Kinsley has not had a bottle in the morning (that was our last to go) ALL week and it's actually better! She stays asleep longer, i think because she know even if she does wake up, it's not coming!

Kinsley can also sign "please", sort of, and "eat", in addition to her other words (finished, thank you, more). The problem is when we are on the way home from daycare and she wants to fill up on cereal bars but I'll only allow her one and she's in the back seat flapping her arms for take off as she goes through every sign she knows in hopes that one of them will get her another cereal bar, but it won't because I'm a mean Momma that wants her to eat her dinner so then she cries, while staring me down. Awesome.

Kinsley is a pro a kisses too, whether it's giving them or blowing them.... love her!

Now if that wasn't a good enough update with long enough run-on sentences, then i don't know what you want from me!

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