Saturday, January 22, 2011

blog rolls

You know, those things on the side of a blog that advertise which blogs you lurve! I don't think i'm on anyones...
Now before you get all "Gezz Erin ANOTHER pitty-party" on me let me vent a second. Even though i know this is childish and this is not a game of dodge ball that i'm being picked last for and there aren't a row of Heidi Klum look alikes standing in a line laughing at me... BUT I WANT TO BE LIKED! lol. I don't do this blog just for the readers, even though who am i kidding, I LOVE YA'LL!

But regardless of the reasons, it's still hard to look through others blogs and not see me there...

Will childhood insecurities EVER go away?


  1. Nope, but know that just because you are not on my blog roll (no one is) I love this blog!

  2. I took that off of my blog because there were just too many blogs that I liked and I felt bad leaving people off. Now I just have a link to my google reader and all the blogs that show up there are blogs that I subscribe to, so everyone gets some face time on my blog :)

  3. haha ahrm...give me a second...

    Im not sure why you arent on mine...Ive been reading your blog for a while. I will remedy that.

  4. Um, you've been on my blog roll for MONTHS! Just sayin' =)