Monday, January 31, 2011

do you burn calories when your boobs bounce?

So i worked out today! WOOT! I get a woot because i TOTALLY did NOT want to and my workout buddy was MIA so i had a GREAT reason not to, but i did! Tomorrow, not sure how that's going to go since it's supposed to sleet all day... guess i could get to know my wii fit again? boo....

So while i was breakin a sweat on the elliptical, while jamin hardcore to "baby got back" a thought crossed my mind while Sir Mixalot was talking about Kickin Curves as my "curves" were practically slapping me in the face, despite the two sports bras i was wearing... the thought was "I wondering if all of this boob bouncing is burning more calories then the girl with non-bouncing boobs (aka itty bitty titty club... not tie them in a knot club). I did a quick google search (that should look great on my government computer) and didn't find any answers. Makes you wonder though!

So I'm boycotting Weight Watchers right now because counting all of those points (or rather figuring out the points TO calculate, because honestly i can add 3 plus 10 but i have to figure out that it's 10 and well... i just don't want to anymore!). I also have a few friends (i know, shocking, stop the presses, i have friends), one is my accountability person (b/c she rocks and has lost a lot of weight and kept it off and looks awesome), another is my supporter (b/c she's awesome and always makes me feel better and awesome when i do something right) and then another is an encourager (because she's at work and needs to workout too). So hopefully with my team (God I'm sounding like Oprah, takes a team to help me lose weight!) I'll get there. Goal day? May 30th, beginning of swimsuit season... then hopefully I'll wreck all of my hard work by getting pregnant in July... but hey that's a full month of hotness, two really if you count that i won't know I'm pregnant until august and 4-5 if you count the fact that i shouldn't gain any weight in the 1st tri! see? totally worth it team!

side note: This morning at daycare, while i was pulling out all of Kinsley's things, she walked over to me with hands in the air. So i knelt down and she gave me a big hug and then turned around and walked to the other room to play! WHAT!?!?! My little girl is to little to be giving me "goodbye hugs"... i guess this is what they mean by teaching your child independence. UH!
here's some vintage K for y'all... oh my uterus!

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