Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mixed emotions

So this morning i woke up and took a look in the mirror and wasn't completely disgusted with myself. That's a HUGE improvement. I mean I cringe at the thought of naked time with the hubs because if i can't stand see myself naked, how can he? Well this morning wasn't too shabby. I mean i have a LONG LONG way to go but i can kind of see the stomach roll becoming more of a barrel then a hanging basket!

But then this morning at work, I weighed in. 171.8. Dum dum dum. Yeah, i know... i know. So that's where I'm at, good morning in the mirror, terrible morning on the scale. Awesome. BUT i did better (again not great) with my eating last night so there's one small step for Erin!

On other news, I'm already thinking of what to do for Kinsley's 2nd birthday... I know she JUST turned one... I'm not setting anything in stone BUT i would like to do something along the lines of a baby doll theme since she's well, OBSESSED. Thing is that she'll have little boys there too... got any ideas that can help my wheels turn?


  1. what about paper dolls? since they can have boy dolls too?

  2. or have the boys bring their favorite action figure or teddy bear to the party