Friday, January 21, 2011

Wow, things are changing!

Things are changing so fast in our lives right now and I'm finding it hard to keep up! For one, Chris is with a new job. While I LOVE his new job, the opportunities it's giving him, and the people he works with... (i know you feel the BUT) it's brought us back to an old familiar place again. He's working and I'm doing EVERYTHING. I wouldn't be AS pissed about this if he would be out of the house before I came downstairs. See here's the situation...
Man gets up AFTER me.
After I get myself ready I get Kinsley ready
I get our stuff ready
since I'm downstairs first (getting our stuff ready) i also have to get the dogs fed, etc
and the coffee made (since i always forget to do it the night before)
then 9 times out of 10, I take Kinsley to daycare and go to work.
At work I workout on my lunch, since I know it's not going to happen at home.
I pick K up from Daycare
Battle the dogs to get into the house
Feed dogs (give K a snack too) and let them potty
Try to comfort a pissed off toddler that keeps getting 1. Knocked over by dogs or 2. snack taken by dogs
try to have dinner ready before meltdowns ensue.
Feed her, give her a bath, brush teeth, rock and into bed.
Then it (should be but often isn't) is time to clean up, check emails,
work on my new Thirty-One Business (which i just closed out my first party and made $150! WOOT)
Oh yea, Hubs is home... so pay attention to him (get off the phone and computer and turn off DVR)... be happy and interested in his job and day so he doesn't dread coming home from work... try to be sympathetic to his 2 hour commute even though I get NO sympathy for doing EVERYTHING ALONE!...
Go to bed

So see in MY head if he would leave by 6am (rather then 630) like he USED TO... then he could start the coffee, deal with the dogs, get to work by 8ish. leave work by 430ish. be home by 6ish for dinner and then help with the bedtime/cleanup routine and we would all live happily ever after while he gets on his iPhone to keep checking email and I work on Thirty-One.

Yet instead the original schedule continues and he wonders why I'm a cranky, pissy wife....

Anyway, another thing changing? KINSLEY! OMG why didn't anyone tell me that babies grow up?!?!? I thought she was going to be my cute little bundle forever!

 She so grown up now. She INSISTS on having her food with HER to feed HERSELF. She gets mad if i break her cereal bars into pieces... she likes to take bites off of it. She marches/stomps/etc. She shows you her pretty clothes. She says "shhhhhhu" which means shoes. She hugs around the neck know, wrapping her tiny hands around my neck and holding on for dear life and melting my heart. She likes you to chase her. She tells the dogs "BA, BA" when we get get home ("back" for those who don't speak toddler). She likes to point out your nose because she thinks it's a horn~
She's so big! God i love her!

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  1. Ha! Love the edit on the last photo!
    Had to get that out first, but I feel for you. My husband is usually home right around the time I am (even though I do the dropping off and picking up of Ella.) He stays in bed and hits snooze forever while I'm up getting everything ready and then getting El ready. And on nights when he's going to be late, it's because something has broken and that means REALLY late with no notice! Grrr