Monday, January 3, 2011

Oh my blog, how i have missed you!

So rather then taking WEEKS to catch you up on everything I'm going to grace you with an extremely long post. That way we can start fresh this new year!

We took a brief break from blogging to enjoy our family over the holidays. Chris and I were BOTH off from work and went to my parents house in NC for a WEEK! Oh it was awesome... the car ride with 2 dogs and a baby for 8 hours... left much to be desired, but it wasn't too bad.

Then we got back and dove right into cleaning because the neighbors all came over for new years eve~! Then it was off to the in-laws for a second Christmas, and then back to our house to try to arrange our Toy R Us Christmas stash in a way that would be conducive for walking.

But enough of that boring stuff, I'm here to show you a picture journey of the last week!

This was the night before we left... Kinsley and i have figured out how to make her hair into a Mohawk! Sweet!

Once we got to my parents we had to put food out for Santa's reindeer!
And food out for Santa. At our house Santa prefers a beer... but we put milk there too just in case he brought an elf to help.
What a sweet girl!
Sadie was a little tired after the 8 hour trip to Sasha and Papaw's house!  
While there we worked on learning "nose, eyes, mouth, TEETH TEETH! OWWW!" Kinsley has 7 teeth and FOUR MORE trying to come in... awesome.
Then it snowed. In NORTH CAROLINA! FOR.CHRISTMAS ya'll! okay so it was the day after Christmas but still! WHOA! My parents got like 3 inches at least! That's HUGE for them!

Kinsley was intrigued.
Not really understanding why we're walking around in this...
"Look Momma, i can't put my arm down!"
"Oh so this is what all that fuss was about! How much fun!"
Kinsley's first snow angel!
So, our Alma Mater was also in a bowl game! WOOP! We knew we had to watch it with some good friends!
These are two of Chris's good friends from college, Mike Rowedy and Casey Woody.
 My northern cowboy and i

 This is Woody. He hunts. He films hunts for big timers on the hunting/outdoor channel and he's starting his own show. He is even on Monster Bucks! (for those of  you with husbands that hunt, ask them what Monster bucks is... they'll be impressed). So this is what he does EVERY.TIME. we see him... shows us his latest footage. He likes to brag share his fun with the ones that haven't gotten to hunt in a few years appreciate the awesomeness of it. So when he's bigtime this is proof that we knew him when!
 Here's him and his awesome woman Baily. This is a terrible picture of her and she's still beautiful! hate her for that. But she's sweet so I'll forgive her for being stunning.
 Then we went home and woke up to Momma doing this to Kinsley... she LOVED it.
 After another 7 1/2 - 8 hour journey home we got unpacked and enjoyed new years with the neighbors. Then we went over to Grandma's house for another Christmas!

Kinsley got this (along with the rest of Toys R Us)... She LOVES it. It's a PITA to put together, just FYI, took me and two engineers an hour to put it together. Yeah, not fun.
 But worth it!

 Once we were back inside waiting for dinner to finish up Kinsley decided she didn't want to wait and i caught her here:
 Since we're such awesome parents we forgot her travel highchair so we used pillows and sat her in a big person chair. WITH a plate! WHAT!?!? Yes we did! And you know what... she did GREAT! Give my child mashed potatoes and everything is gravy (pun intended).
Kinsley's hair has been getting longer (shocking i know, imagine hair GROWING), I've even been able to try an attempt at a ponytail here and there, i mean she looks more like a firecracker with a fuse sticking up, but it's cute... this morning i decided to try pigtails!
Chris calls them horns, i call them awesome!

So glad to be back! Missed ya'll! And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  1. Our santa drinks beer too! Good to low we are not the only dysfunctional family ;) kidding ;)
    Sounds like you all had a wonderful month of December! Welcome back and happy new years to you!