Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Can I reprimand your child?

So this morning as i was driving into work they posed the question "Can I repramand your child? And if I can in what situations can I?". They were posing all sorts of sernarerios from in your own home (the child comes to your home and is running a muck) to a restaurant, to a store. Then factors were added in on whether the child was with you (their parent was eating lunch with you) or if it was a complete stranger.

Now I know there's going to be MANY points of view on this but here is mine.

Is my child miss behaving? Not just pissing you off but REALLY miss behaving? Is she talking back, breaking things, being mean? If your answer to the question is yes, then HELL YEA discipline her! I mean give me a chance to first but if I'm not around or didn't see, etc, then handle it BY ALL MEANS! As much as I try to stay on top of things with my child, I might have my back turned when she whacks your child over the head with her play frying pan. If she does tell her "NO" and make her apologize and bring it to my attention. If I'm not around, throw her in time out yourself!

Kinsley will grow up KNOWING to respect ALL adults and to listen to what they say. I will teach her what is right and wrong so if something is amiss with that adult hopefully she'll have the knowledge to come to me and ask, but bottom line, it takes a village sometimes.

That's what i think is often wrong with our youth today. Their parents are teaching them that no one else has to be respected. Many parents send their children off to school expecting the teachers to be "parents" to their child, yet when the teacher steps in to discipline a child for being bad the parents gets all Parentzilla on the teacher because how could she POSSIBLY think to discipline HER child! Well HER (the parentzilla) child was being a little turd because the Momma is a turd and she learned that she can be a turd because nothing will happen, because if something DOES happen then her Momma will come down and raise hell so that the teacher is then scared to ever discipline again! So then the classroom will be in utter disarray, no one will learn, the test scores will go down, and then no one will get into college, we'll blame our "bad" teachers, when the problem is the Turd of a parent that refuses to back a teacher up when she's trying to do what the parent won't do!

WOW, i didn't realize i had that much passion in me about this! But yea, i want Kinsley to know that if she does something bad that her teacher/relative/family friend WILL take action. Whether it's timeout right then and later they will tell me what happened so that i can have a talk with her about what happened. Or they'll just tell me later so then i will take action at home. I want her to be good all of the time for fear that I will find out and she will then lose her baby doll/Wii/telephone (or whatever she's into at the moment) privileges. But i also want her to  know that when i hear she's done something good (share, helped a friend, made a good grade, made a responsible decision) that i will praise her and if it merits it, reward her (hell yeah if my kid sticks up for someone being bullied i will reward her with something freaking awesome so she'll be like, SWEET lets do it again... i mean unless that "sticking up" was fighting, then maybe I'll just pat her on the back and have a talk about using our words rather then our fist, lol).

So bottom line in my book, if Kinsley comes to your house and is trying to break something or beat your kid because they looked at her baby doll wrong. Tell her No and put her in timeout. It's OKAY! I promise. AND I'll be HAPPY to do the same for you!

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