Monday, January 10, 2011

Just another Manic Monday

Yea and i can barely lift my fingers to type this... why? because i did weights for the first time in YEARS, which means my arms are like jelly so every time i try to lift my fingers to type i have to slightly move my arms which then feels like Santa's belly (and I'm guess shakes like it too, hey it's only been ONE weight session) jiggling all over the place. But at least I did it.

I have mixed emotions about this weekend. Some things went really well (got to organize more of my house, play a lot with Kinsley, entertain some) and other things weren't so good (hubs and I fought, a lot. I was up coughing a lot each night = no sleep, I didn't make it to church and i ate terribly). When things are not good emotionally for me, i eat. I'm an emotional eater. Not because the food makes me feel better... even though sometimes it does... i just get lazy when I'm emotionally disconnected and don't want to eat anything that takes time to make so i throw some chicken nuggets in the oven and chow down! Chicken nuggets make me happy.

But i was reminded by one very important fact this weekend... my neighbor friends are awesome! During the last few years Chris and I have been getting to know our neighbors better and man, I've got some really great girlfriends in them! They are all so supportive and caring and they really relate to anything i might be going through at the moment. I'm so happy and sad at the same time when i think about them. Happy because they are awesome and they are MY friends... sad because we all live in townhouses and will be moving into single family homes one day, which will more then likely NOT be in each others neighborhoods.... tear.

Well hope y'all are doing better then me, send me your tips for how not to fail horribly on the weekends because those are just never good for me.

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