Thursday, January 6, 2011

what is UP with some clothes

So there's this clothing blog that i LOVE to frequent even though NOTHING is ever in my size. I ordered a pair of white jeggins from it hoping that MAYBE... but no... not even close... they are now in the "inspiration" pile. Well she has a pair of jeans on there for sale that are a size two. Yeah i rolled my eyes at that too... then i saw the other measurements of the jeans... leg opening 15 inches! DOOO WHAT?!!? Really?!?!

I've been know to pray that MAYBE i could lube up my legs and squeeze them into a 19" opening (even though my thighs would eat that 19" for lunch) but 15!!! I mean do you KNOW how small that is!!! I think my kid's head is bigger then that! AND SHE'S ONE! WTH!

So since i didn't work out today BECAUSE i went to lunch with my mother-in-law and ate 4 onion rings, i'm going to end this blog before i pick up my water bottle, which just happens to be 15" around, and throw it through the computer since she is WEARING said size two jeans, QUITE comfortably... bitch (except she seems very nice).

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