Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My uterus hurts!

It feels like a big empty black hole right now that I NEED to fill! Last night i went to the hospital to visit my bestie and her new baby boy! OMG! I forgot how tiny they are, how they love to curl up on you, how they smell SOOOO good, how when they stretch in their sleep their little eyebrows raise with the strain of it.... OMG! The goal is to wait until later this year to start trying for number two but MAN that little guy is making it hard!

But i have priorities people and not just filling up the ol' uterus. I have weight to loose! I've been going to the gym at lunch, eating healthier (hey last night i got a salad at McDonald's... yes it had the Fried chicken BUT i used my OWN fat free dressing at home! and NO quarter pounder!), and joined my work's biggest loser club (actually i started it too!).

Another priority? I'm going to be a 31 consultant! I'm so excited because I LOVE this stuff! I mean how CUTE is this???
And the quality is awesome! I LOVE it! So if you or a friend wants to host a party either at your home or a catalog party (since not all of y'all live in Maryland) then give me a shout because the new catalog that is coming out in February is AMAZING! I'm SOOO excited about it!

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