Monday, January 10, 2011

Finally the birthday photos you've all been waiting for!

Welcome to Kinsley's Birthday party. It was Sesame Street Sassy! We have these amazing friends that have a huge shop that they allowed us to have Kinsley's Birthday Party in, since it was December and we had like 50 people come, it was iffy where it was going to be... but we have awesome friends.

So welcome to Kinsley Street!

Want to stop and color in Elmo's world?
Dorthy wouldn't have DREAMED of missing this occasion!

Drop your gift off at Big Bird's Nest!

Then come on over to Cookie Monster's Cafe for Pizza, fruit, and sweets of all kinds!

Just grab a hat and a bag and take your fill!
Pick any cupcake you prefer!

Enjoy some sweet tea, juice, or a Kinsley water!

Then visit Oscar in Grouchland and play in the soybeans!

Not enough candy on the candy bar? No Problem we have a pinata!

Oh here comes Elmo with the cake! YEA!

yum yum yum

Such a sweetie!

Aunt Jessie and Uncle Dan

Abby even brought her Flying Fairy School out for everyone to "fly" in!

And of course Kinsley's boyfriend couldn't miss this!

But she was keeping her options open!

Such an awesome family! I would have never been able to do this without them!

in the end, she's still Momma's girl!

Kinsley's party was magical. All of the details really came together amazingly. I had two GREAT friends that took photos for us the whole time so that we could just enjoy ourselves. One of them was Skidmore photography. Go to her site and check her out, she is SOOO talented and i was floored when she gifted us the photos! Total dream come true!

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