Monday, January 24, 2011

Do they have a little gym for Adults?

Oh i guess that would be a real gym... but real gyms don't have bubbles, etc!

Little gym is one of Kinsley's favorite places. She could be having a terrible morning and all i have to say is "do you want to go to Little Gym?" and it's like i handed her the golden tickets, we're all of a sudden smiles and rainbows! lol. This week at little gym there was "graduation", which is weird since she'll still be in the same class but whatever. Grandma and Daddy made it out for the class! While Daddy's pictures were, eh, Grandma got much better ones, so hopefully i'll have those to share later! But here's what i have!

She LOVES flipping over the bars!
 She's really learning how to come DOWN steps now without having to turn around. She's getting so big!
 I love it when she's crawling up something and it's JUST too high so she has to really work for it... do you see that dimple? Oh GOD i hope she doesn't lose it, i lurve chomping on it!
 Here she is ignoring all balls since the BUBBLES are coming! She's waiting so patiently! Such a big girl! (I didn't want to throw people's kids on here that i don't really KNOW without their permission)
Well if would go for as long and hard as Kinsley does at her gym at MY gym then MAYBE i wouldn't have gained 2 pounds this week... or maybe it was the burgers...

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