Friday, January 14, 2011

Days like today make it hard...

A day like today, Friday, the end of the week. I'm SOOO tired, i just want to relax, i just want to take it easy AND I'm reading a book that I'm REALLY in to... Days like today make it hard to go and workout at lunch when ALL i want to do is shut my office door and read my book during my lunch break.

But i can already see a slight difference in my body. I mean when it's been as long as it has for me since i last REALLY worked out and ate right AT THE SAME TIME, you see mini gratification moments. LIKE some bloat is gone and i can tell that my belly and boobs are in fact two SEPARATE (well technically three, but you know what i mean) lumps on my body, not just one continuous lump! My jeans that were hurting me two weeks ago only slightly hurt today! And mostly I'm freaking proud of myself! That's a difference that i don't want to lose!

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