Friday, January 28, 2011

Last few days? Crazy

So life takes on a WHOLE new meaning when you have a kid... obviously. But especially when you throw, full time working mom, daycare and snow into the mixture. You'll have a great routine down pat, everything is gravy, then snow happens. YEA, right? Not this time. THIS time daycare closed and work? No, not so much.

So apparently last year during snowpocolpis 2010, people complained that the Federal Government closed... i mean HOW DARE we close when there's 2+ feet on the ground, all the schools are closed and most of the daycares. HOW DARE we close if we can't get out of our neighborhoods or are without power. I know what you're thinking "All federal government workers don't live in DC?". The answer, NO! IT'S TOO FREAKIN EXPENSIVE TO LIVE THERE ON OUR GOVERNMENT SALARIES! So we live out in the boonies (because it's also a better place to raise children) where when it snows, we're snowed in often.

Oh, so back to what i was complaining about. Wednesday (public schools closed) Kinsley's daycare opened an hour late and closed FOUR hours early. Government? Closed 2 hours early, last minute... so if I hadn't already had to take leave would have helped me out a tad but once you take leave in the government, if they dismiss early, then you can't use that early dismissal towards not taking leave.

Thursday (public Schools closed), Kinsley's daycare was closed all day, government? two hour delay (which I don't get to claim, see above). Today (public schools closed), Kinsley's school opens an hour late, government? Open. Do you SEE how stupid this is?!?!? LUCKILY the hubs was able to help me out today, but now he'll be getting home LATE. UH!

So people, next time you complain about the federal government being closed, please think PAST the senators, etc and on to us little people!

Oh yeah, and side note, while I'm on this topic. We (the government workers) don't get a cost of living increase this year. We're actually on a pay freeze. Now while I understand senators and crappy "i don't do anything but go out to the loading dock and get drunk" federal workers not getting their pay increases, what about people like me? We don't get anything either. People who actually DO their job, who actually support a family... we don't get raises. That's pretty shitty. Know what else we DON'T get? Maternity leave. We have to accumulate our leave and hope we have enough to get us a decent about of Maternity leave. Once you've been with the government for three years you accrue 6 hours of annual leave and 4 hours of sick leave every pay period. That means in a given year I earn 19.5 annual leave days and 13 sick days. Pretty cool right? OKay, think about it like this. The average person will take 6-8 weeks of maternity leave in the US (which SUCKS! just ask a new mom). That means i need 30 to 40 days of leave accrued. I earn 32 days a year. That's only IF i NEVER get sick, IF I NEVER take a vacation, IF I NEVER have a doctors appointment, IF MY DAUGHTER NEVER gets sick or has her daycare open late, etc. riiight, do you see where I'm going with this? Virtually impossible. When I had Kinsley I was able to sign up for a donated leave program, since i didn't have enough leave. I was able to use my leave and then leave from kind people to get me to 6 weeks. Then the government decided i was medically fit to return to work. YEAH RIGHT! So then i had to take 4 weeks of leave WITHOUT pay to make it to 10 weeks, and then i went back to work (and it KILLED.ME!).

Now people, i'm VERY happy with my secure job, I'm VERY happy with where i work, etc. But when you're voting on some things... think of ME! Honestly i wish there were stricter evaluations in the government so we could get rid of the shitty workers, so we wouldn't be paying them to do nothing... but what about the people who are like my mother-in-law and work crazy extra hours, without getting paid for it, and are now not getting a compensation for that in the form of a raise/bonus, etc?

GAH! okay, i'm done... despite being home and using leave that i needed to be saving, I had fun with Kinsley and here i can prove it!

man she's getting so big!

side note: Snow days suck for  your diet too.

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