Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Diva in training!

I know, we're MIA... we've been a little busy with just enjoying each other! Kinsley is such a funny baby that we just keep playing with her and watching her.

This weekend we had our neighborhood BBQ (which i TOTALLY forgot my camera for). Kinsley played well with the other children, enjoyed some naked time in the baby pool i provided, and dazzled everyone with her over all cuteness!

By 7ish all the babies were asleep and the parents started a game of flip cup in the center of the court with monitors attached to hips! Yeah, that's how we roll on my street!

This morning i thought K looked like such a cute little diva in her animal print so we had to do an impromptu photo shoot before we went into daycare!

Obviously she was not quite ready.... "Oh gezzz Mom i TOTALLY blinked, try again"
Kinsley is OBSESSED with sucking her bottom lip now, i think it's So cute!
I love this one of her, she's just an amazing girl!
"yummy lip!"
She's such a little stinker... this is her mischievous face! That or it's her poop face, but since her diaper was empty i think she was just planning something for later~

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