Saturday, June 5, 2010

Don't tell me my kid doesn't like to eat!

So Kinsley eats three meals a day in addition to her bottles/boobs. Typically she'll wake up and eat, have cereal with pears, then a bottle, then lunch (peas, squash, peaches), then a bottle, then another bottle, then a boob, then dinner (same as lunch but add in some cereal), then another boob... and typically a boob or two at night. Such a happy eater and she is CHUNKIN up! And i just LOVE it!
For all of those wondering, NO i do not feed her forehead, she does. Kinsley likes to "help" you shovel the food into her mouth (in case you're doing it wrong or not fast enough) and as a result gets it ALL OVER her hands and therefore into her hair and anything else within reaching distance.... it's just a fact of our lives now! And it's GREAT!
Oh i could just smother that face in kisses if it weren't already smothered!
REALLY Kinsley, we need to work on our table manners! What will your dates think in the future if you cover yourself in food! And NO i do not mean covering yourself in chocolate for your.... oh lets not even go there! EVER! Earmuffs! Handcuffs... wait NO! NO HANDCUFFS! Chasity Belt! That's it! Quick Chris, get the Chasity Belt ready! And big tall tower to lock her in! Yes! That's it!

oh stop growing baby! It's too soon!

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