Thursday, June 10, 2010

How does the Daddy do it?

Sleep through the night that is? i just don't get it... my child starts fussing and i don't even need to have her monitor on to hear her. I jump out of bed and scurry (or clumsily bump into everything so i looked like i was in a bar brawl the next day) to her room to soothe her cries away. The next day Northern Cowboy looks at me and says "K slept well, huh?" and then he ducks as i hurl something at his head. I tell him that No, K didn't sleep well, in fact she woke up THREE times! To that he looks at me like I'm dreaming and says he didn't hear a thing.

Fast forward to sleep training time! I inform my sound sleeper of a husband that it's HIS turn. I fed her and she shouldn't be hungry for 9 hours, so if she's fussing it's not for my boobs so therefore my boobs will stay in bed!

Kinsley wakes up so I nudge Northern Cowboy and tell him that he's on to which he asks what to do.... Now seriously, if i have to take the time to explain then i might as well just get up. BUT, i explain. He goes in and it's just not working. So i go in... tell him to pick her up and calm her but then put her back to bed sleepy awake. She refuses to calm. I tell him to change positions, to which he replies "She just doesn't like me!".

At this point I'm tired of BOTH of their fussing and don't feel like having a deep drawn out conversation with him about how it's not him, she wants the boob, and if you want to get her comforted you need to hold her this way and shush that way and pat this way and stick the passy in and jiggle it at the same time.

So i grab her and do it myself... i know i should have just let him figure it out but lets face it, all THREE of us would have killed each other at the end of that scenario at 12 in the morning! He then (***shocking***) goes back to bed, i lay her in her crib sleepy awake... she proceeds to start crying again... I shush, pat, and let her hold my hand while uncomfortably contorting my body so it's laying next to hers while still having both feet (okay toes) on the ground (should have just crawled in there!). She FINALLY goes to sleep... i give her a few extra minutes to make sure and then i go back to bed.

I crawl (okay plop as hard as i could so that the bed felt like an earth quake hit it) into bed and have N.C . ask me "so, you fed her?" to which i replied "NO, I SOOTHED HER!" Yep i soothed the shit out of my stubborn little terd that has her Momma's will power in getting what she wants!

And then we got to do it all over again at 3! YEA!

Here's the terd telling me how well she slept last night!
"It was SOOO great to get to hang out with you and Daddy last night Momma! It was like a fun party!"

That's it child! THIS IS WAR! The Momma ALWAYS wins!

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