Friday, June 4, 2010

Houston, we have a sitter! Sort of~

See this beautiful little girl??? She's a sitter! and UNSUPPORTED sitter! At least most of the time... she still gets a little wobbly, especially reaching for stuff so her Daddy and I decided to play it safe (just because it took her doing a weebo wobbly and whacking her head on the ground doesn't mean anything!) and get her a foam playmat for our den. She's needs a nice clean cushioned place to play with her toys so here it is! We'll add onto it once she gets more mobile, but isn't this great for now?
Please excuse us, normally we do not allow her to talk with her hands in her mouth but she's got a tooth coming in!
Don't you just want to eat that dimple up? I know I do! Nom nom nom!

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