Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm a Big Girl! 6 Months!

So these are a bit late BUT better late the never and it's only by 4 days!
Kinsley weighed in at 15lbs 4oz and was a whopping 26 1/4" long! YEA Special K!

And she never has any fun and never smiles for me...
"Oh yeah, lets change it up a bit Mom"
"Um no, i do not think you're funny"
"Okay just kidding, hahahaha"
Do you see those delicious chunky legs? Um!
And we are still breastfeeding! She is NOT sleeping through the night, actually quite TERRIBLE with her sleep right now...
She has a tooth on the bottom!
And She's the only one in her swim class to go completely under the water! YEA K!

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