Thursday, June 10, 2010

Teething Hell!

We were so excited about seeing that first one pop through, YEA we have a cute little snaggle tooth! But then she was immediately fussy again and low and behold, another one was coming up. well that one is all through now.... but she's still fussy! Seriously is ANOTHER one coming? I really don't know if i have the strength for this! SERIOUSLY!

I have NOT gotten more then 4-5 hours of sleep the last 3ish nights. AND i haven't gotten more then 2 1/2 of continuous sleep! It's killing me... i'm going down!

So I AM trying my darnest to look on the bright side of this... perhaps she'll be done super fast because all of her teeth will be in! Somehow, i doubt it.

So we've tried: Motrin, Tylenol, teething tablets, orejel, cold things, blah blah blah.... shes mostly fine when she's awake (THANK the good Lord for that!) but when she tries to sleep or nap it's not happening!

Oh help me for I am weak person that NEEDS sleep!

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  1. Its going to get better here soon. My daughter just barely got done doing the same thing. She got one tooth and we thought yay were done but low and behold another one was popping up too! It took her about a week after both of them popped up to stop being so fussy. Hold strong, hopefully the end is near :)