Monday, June 7, 2010

Is it weird to jog at 11PM?

So i've had a lack of motivation lately... for anything. I just want to sleep (even though i can't) or play with Kinsley... or (who are we kidding) shop.

Lately ya'll all know i've been struggling with Depression and Anxiety lately and because of that I don't have a lot of motivation... yet when i do it comes at the strangest times...

So last night i'm laying in bed and it's around 11pm (shocking i'm not asleep...) and i have this HUGE HUGE urge to clean the house, organize the basement, write a few blog post and then go for a jog around the neighborhood. Like it was hard to get to sleep i wanted to do these things so bad.

You would think i was in my last month of pregnancy with all the nesting i wanted to get done. The problem is I'll comfort myself with "Tomorrow! Tomorrow I'll pick up K and then come home, go on a walk/jog, then put away laundry, feed K, Make a GREAT dinner, put K to bed, and then clean the house!" AND then tomorrow happens and none of THAT happens, and then i get another urge at 11 at night AGAIN.

Now some people might say, well then GO with it! But i have to get up at 445 in the morning! Do you REALLY want to be awake cleaning and jogging when you're already only going to get like 5ish hours of sleep? Oh forget that, 4 since Kinsley LOVES to wake up every two hours right now for some reason.

So how would i channel this energy to more acceptable hours? Ah the golden question!

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  1. Ummm I know exactly how you feel!! I think nighttime is always the time where I make to-do lists in my mind of what I will be doing, and I even get the motivated feeling of "well I should just do it now!" but then you look at the clock, and sleep is just so important! I bet when Kinsley starts sleeping more regularly and consistently (after teething?) you'll be able to accomplish more. Without good sleep, doing everything is just impossible! Hang in there E! Love ya! xoxo