Saturday, June 19, 2010

Okay so MAYBE less is more... this ONCE!

So growing up i went to church camp every summer. It was SO much fun and one of the best experiences ever. I learned a lot of thing there, but style was just not high on the priority list for lessons.
And at night, well you know those church girls, they get CRAZY! You never know what they'll do.

Well you want to know what we did? Fashion shows! Redneck Street Walker fashion shows (for a private audience only!)!

Yes this particular year I was the Hostess, you know since I won and everything the previous year... yea I'm hot, it's cool you can say it. And i'll be happy to give make-up tips ANY time.

Want to get that missing tooth look without going all The Hangover on yourself? Mascara and hold your mouth open until it dries.... it was my signature~

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