Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Holy Crazy Lady Batman!

So my neighbor and i have been walking a few times a week with our kids after i get off work. We live in a FAMILY neighborhood, meaning there are always kids everywhere and like 3-4 in home daycares (at least). There are cars parked on the streets and big speed bumps to make sure people go slow.
Half the neighborhood has sidewalks (even though they are small and only big enough for one person, single file) and the other half doesn't.

So we have a route we go on, we go in the back half (no sidewalks) first, which is like a mile and a half. We are very aware of cars and we'll pull over for them to go by if the space is tight, and they'll do the same for us, but most of the time it's not an issue. Monday, while we were walking the back half, this car comes up beside us and as she's passing us she's throwing her hands up and yelling. I mean you would have thought that we had decided to stop and have a picnic in the middle of the road the way this woman was acting, NOT simply walking our kids in their strollers hugging the curb and allowing PLENTY of room for cars to pass by.

After we hit up the back half we head to the front for the last 1/2 mile. Now there are sidewalks here, BUT there's not enough room for us to walk beside each other and talk, so we stroll in the street. The neighborhood street, where kids play... Enter psycho: so we're walking very aware of our surroundings when SHE pulls up next to us (obviously there's plenty of room for her if she can drive beside us!) and proceeds to cuss us out. Oh yea, you heard me... she was all "What the F@#k is wrong with you? Are you F stupid? Do you have a death wish for you're children? You're terrible mothers! There's an F'in sidewalk right there! You're F'in stupid" etc.

Well we were a little taken back by this so i just waved and told her it was nice to see her again (i know snazzy come back, but i'm not really known for my spur of the moment comebacks, now if i were to see her today! Oh ho ho, WATCH OUT!). So when we get to her house I take my phone out and proceed to take a picture of her license plate. She's standing in the doorway of her house with her husband and starts yelling again asking me what the F i'm doing and i explain to her that I'm taking a picture of her plates for the cops if she keeps harassing us! To which her husband shoved her back into the house.

I mean this woman had RAGE! It was like bipolar triggered by the sight of strollers! So my friend and i are going to do what any normal person would do... and start a stroller brigade. Tomorrow i will be walking with another neighbor and her child. Thursday the two of them will walk. Friday ALL THREE of us will be walking! AND if i can get any more Mom's to join, IT'S ON! Don't mess with me lady! I will have strollers 10 across if I have to in order to make my point that this is 1. MY neighborhood TOO! 2. a family neighborhood so slow the F down and follow the speed limit AND 3. That you will NEVER speak to me like that especially in front of MY child!

Sucks for her too, especially since my two stroller buddies husbands are cops in our town.... i feel tickets, lots of tickets in her future!

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  1. OK, so I LOVE the new hair. You look smokin! And wow some people are crazy! We have a few of the crazies in my neighborhood too.

    I know the not sleeping sucks a lot. Averies almost 11 months and she just barely started sleeping through the night some nights. Most nights she wakes up atleast once to be fed. We tired the CIO method and it was hard. For me (maybe because Im lazy) it was easier to feed her quick and put her to be then to be up for 1 hour to 1.5 hours every time she woke up. I also found it made it a lot worse when I went in to comfort her every 10 mins... It started the process all over again. I think some of that was because I started when she was older and understood when I came and went. Anyways (sorry so long) good luck with it, I hope it goes well and helps. A non-sleeping baby can be hell!