Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Holy Mother of Josephine!

(don't ask me WHY i say that or what it means but i say it when i'm REALLY excited!)

Kinsley is getting WAY to big for her Britches!
My little bug is almost 6 months old and do you know what she's up to?

-she sits up, by herself and rarely falls over now
-she's engaged with people, and will babble back and forth and LOVES laughing at her boyfriend's squeals
-she LOVES to stand, you can prop her against something or just hold her hands but she LOVES it
-She LOVES eating solid food, especially pears!
-she has a TOOTH coming in! Seriously, i see the white cap! CRAZY!
-she eats her feet like CRAZY!
-she's trying to crawl, she can scoot herself with her toes and elbows.
-she can roll ALL OVER the place!
-she trying to pull up!

I feel like just yesterday she was my cute little sack of Potatoes and now she's all "I'm a big girl that can do all kinds of fun stuff"... slow down girl! You've got your WHOLE LIFE to be big!

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