Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Get ready for water boarding

Sleep... seems like such a casual word. A word that many just throw around "I want to sleep" "How did you sleep" "I slept like a baby".... Oh REALLY!?!? You SLEPT like a BABY? Because last time I checked, babies DON'T sleep. They torure you by waking up, sometimes Often throughout the night! Then in the morning I get asked by my husband, who could sleep through an atom bomb, if Kinsley woke up!?

Well lately it hasn't been as terrible as it once was, but it's still not great. We're up at least once or twice a night. Now, I can take one feeding a night and survive. I even make a party of it and releave my blatter at the same time (meaning same awakening, not while feeding child, even though I HAVE been THERE). Anyway, i digress. She is not cutting a tooth at this moment in time, she is just demanding that the boob needs to help her fall back to sleep. Now, we have tried a few techniques but give up after one day (Hey i'm nothing if not dedicated!). So we have a long weekend coming up AND my family is coming into town to visit so I figure, PERFECT timing! We're going to Cry It Out. So after Chris and i will have been up ALL night with a screaming baby she can be all cute and cuddly with my parents in the daytime while he and get ready for rounds two/three/four!

I think this is a PERFECT time! I know everyone isn't a big fan of the CIO method and to those parents I say "Then come and take care of her yourself during the night"!

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  1. I used the Ferber method, which really is cry it out, and my child survived and sleeps through the night now.
    Cry It Out there little Kinsley. And just stick with it, it does get better. Ours was only heart breaking for about 2 days.