Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sick Mommy's= No fun!

Well i've been dealing with this terrible sinus thing for over a week now and it sucks! There's not much you can take when you're a breastfeeder. AND i really think it's effecting my supply (in a bad way), UH! Here's how my day likes to go...
I wake up (after having been woken up a few times already by my lovely daughter) wipe the huge puddle of drool off my face and try to swallow but can't because my throat is so full of snot from my nose that i can't breath out of...
I get in the shower and pray that the steam gods will work their magic, they almost always DON'T but they do allow me to clear my nose some and hack up a snotty mess or two (lovely i know).
I get ready, get K ready and head to work.
Along the way i look like a good trucker enjoying a dip as spit into a bottle since i keep hacking and coughing up more lovely snot and the only their grosser then spitting it out is swallowing it! UH!

by the time i get to work i'm feeling MUCH better, throat is a little scratchy but i'm good.
By the end of the day i think i've kicked this nasty thing... and then i lay down and it ALL comes rushing back.

Sinuses are a bitch... Sinuses while breastfeeding and getting up to care for an infant are the bitches biker momma!

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