Thursday, June 17, 2010

oh why not...

So we ALL remember the 80s. Bright colors, big hair, bigger bows! Man what a fashion disaster and BOY was i not immune! I loved it ALL. I was always a fashionesta and wanted it all. LUCKILY my Dad forbid BIG bangs, BUT i was able to convience them to allow me to have the hair.... the 80s perm! OH YEA!

See exhibit A below:

Notice the fantastic perm, the side half ponytail, the large bow, the preppy boat shoes (which are SOOO back in now!). I was SOOO styling! My Aunt (the ear piercer) would perm my hair every summer when we went to visit her in Texas. It was awesome. I look forward to those trip so much, not just for a touch-up to my do but I loved that girly bonding time.

I LOVED (and still do) my Aunt. She was my favorite... but even favorites let you down sometimes. I looked up to her SOOO much that i wanted hair JUST LIKE HERS! Oh i couldn't wait! It was going to be SHORT, but a little longer on top with big sweaping body wave type curls! But something went TERRIBLY wrong and she didn't quite get my vision (even though she saw my vision in her mirror EVERY day)... the vision she saw turned out like this...

Yep that's me... in the 4th grade (maybe this is why the teasing started). That's the famous poodle hair cut. I swear i burned all of these pictures BUT my Dad has told me that THIS haircut was his favorite of mine over the years and has tried to hide these pictures of me to savor (or hold over my head as blackmail) for life. But i've decided it's time to face my hair demons and share it with the world. This is me in the 90-91 school year.... I had to grow my hair out from this hot mess!

But honestly it was just preparing me for the future, because if you can survive a haircut like that (that wasn't even cool in the 80s/90s) then you can survive ANYTHING!


  1. When I was like 7 or 8 I decided I wanted my hair cut just like dorthy hamilton (cerca the olympics).......... man was that a hot mess. People in my grandmas neighborhood would ask if I was her grandson. It was awful and scarred me for life. I still cant cut my hair anymore then a small trim!
    I was teased a lot as a kid too so I know exactly how you feel! I think you're a beautiful woman now (and always were from the pics Ive seen) and you have an unbelievable cute daughter!

  2. Holy Perm!!! --Jess