Friday, September 10, 2010

9 Months, and i'm late.. what ya gonna do about it?

I'm warning you now, this is the best that i could do, so deal with it! This kid is crazy fast now and as much as she likes being a ham on camera she hates sitting still for it. There is no more point smile and click at our house....nooooo. It's more like throw her in the chair and start clicking as you're pulling your hand away... which really sucks since I have a point and shoot camera that is slower then molasses in winter time. So here's our wild woman!

She is currently

18 lbs 5 oz

28 1/4" tall

She's still only had breastmilk, no formula for those chunky thighs!

Enjoys feeding herself big girl food and mostly rejects baby food.

Loves Yogurt

Loves her new baby doll

Is quite the crawler but still pulls up on EVERYTHING or ONE in order to cruise

Knows the meaning of No and laughs in the face of disapline

Still enjoys swim class and splashing in the tub

She can Say Mama, Up, and Babababa

Seeing herself in a mirror still makes her happier then a Junebug in the summertime

oh and her latest? She can give a high five!


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  1. What a happy girl! I can't wait til Griffin says his first words. It is so much fun watching them watch themselves in the mirror!