Saturday, September 4, 2010

Visiting NC and NOT for a wedding!

So Chris and I set out on the road last night to visit my family for this holiday weekend. We left at 5:15 for our seven hour journey and when at 10pm we were still around four hours away we decided it was time to stop at a hotel, we just didn't have four more hours on the road in us after a week of sick baby and work. So slept we did.

Got back on the road and tried it again in the morning. This time (was it because i was driving???) we were much more successful and it only took 3 1/2 hours... yeah i was driving and i wasn't REALLY speeding.

Well my parents (and brother) were very happy to see us and took Kinsley shopping almost right away! We went to a local thrift shop to get her a sweater (since even in the middle of the dead heat of summer their house is like ice fishing in Minnesota) and well, we came away with so much more! I scored a few cute pieces of clothing (to be displayed later on here) AND my Dad got this pretty awesome rocking horse! We also went to Toys R Us to get her a baby but that's a different blog.

Now in the pictures below you are NOT allowed to judge my child's attire since i'm trying to bundle her in anything that i can find to keep her limbs from falling off in frost bite.
Yea haw!
"Did you know my horsey neighs and swishes his tail?"

I really didn't think this horse would be a hit yet, maybe more when she was well, walking? But no, she loves it now. Get that thing to neighing and she pulls up onto it and tried to lift that little leg but well i guess that little leg isn't so little anymore. She's 18 pounds now! OOOh yea.

Well anyway more to come from the adventures in North Carolina!

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