Friday, September 17, 2010


Alright, get ready people... I'm about to assault your eyes with LOTS of NC State propaganda because last night we WON out football game! Hells to the yeah!

So i would like to take a moment and enjoy this (it's been a while since we've been good) so without further ado, our fight song!

Shout aloud to the men who will play the game to win
We're behind you, keep fighting for State,
Hold that line, hold 'em fast,
We'll reach victory at last
We're behind you, keep fighting for State,
Rise up to the fray and let your colors wave,
Shout out for dear old N.C. State;
And where-e'er we go,
we'll let the whole world know,
We're behind you, keep fighting for State!

and now our cheer!

"The Red and White from State"

We're the Red and White from State
And we know we are the best.
A hand behind our back,
We can take on all the rest.
Go to hell, Carolina.
Devils and Deacs stand in line.
The Red and White from N.C. State.
Go State!!

And now a smile from State's favorite cheerleader (she'll have her official Cheer uniform on tomorrow... pictures to follow!)

Yea! Mommy-Daughter fans! GO STATE!
SEE she REALLY loves State!

And check out this awesome bow Princess Couture Designs made K! AWESOME!
Now she just needs some Pom poms!

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