Monday, September 6, 2010

Uncle Seph

It's fare to say that my brother LOVES my daughter and she just adores him right back. Seph left the thrift store with a pair of fairy wings for Kinsley's dress up chest (also another post) and since Kinsley was already matching so well we decided that she should enhance the outfit with her new wings! (Notice the ever present baby doll)My brother and I are goofy, silly, and i like to think, just fun and well regardless of what others think (that maybe we should be medicated and placed in a padded cell) Kinsley thinks her Uncle Seph and just wonderful. So since he's so wonderful she decided she would share her doll with him!

I would saw that there might be a fairy in Kinsley future if her other costume doens't work out!

1 comment:

  1. Those wings are so cute, and I think it is adorable how she and her uncle interact. I wish my husband's brothers took that much interest in Griffin! One of them hasn't even held him, and he's almost 9 months!