Friday, September 17, 2010

The Stage is Set!

Alright my little chickadees, I've picked out the weight loss mumbo jumbo that i'm going to review LIVE for you!

I'm actually picking out TWO to do at the SAME time.... it's getting CRAZY in here ya'll!

So Jess mentioned the Carb Lovers diet and I think that sounds like my cup of tea. Upon further research it's really a low-calorie diet that lets you eat certain carbs... BUT you GET to EAT them!!!

Plus you shouldn't just rely on a diet or just a workout to get you into that sex kitten state. You need BOTH! So i'll be 30 day shredding it. See I have started the 30 day shred like oh 3 times but never made it past like day 3. So I figure with ya'll watching and possibly even encouraging, I'll do it!

So jump on the band wagon with me!
I'll post all of the embarrassing numbers and pictures on Monday and i'll post the recipes, amounts, etc that I use.

SO here i come K's first birthday... where i plan on being at least 20 (or more) pounds lighter and whole lot buffer!

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