Friday, September 10, 2010

What am i doing?

I'm riding in the car while my sweet Northern Cowboy drives... and there's no baby in the car. No i didn't abbandon her or forget her. She's at daycare and will be picked up by my mother-in-law, her Grandmother and will get to spend the whole weekend getting spoiled. I promise, if she could communicate with you she would tell you that she would much rather stay at home with a doating Grandma instead of driving 8 hours to a wedding to only have her schedule all thrown off wack and then ride 8 hours back... because of the car she is not a fan.

SOO for the first time in 9 months i'm able to take a car ride and enjoy it again. If I'm tired, i get to nap (since my driving scares N.C. worse then losing his right arm. He drives like a grandpa, i drive like i'm trying to win the Sprint cup... which i often do! I have it in writting curtisey of our highway patrol). If i'm bord i can read, crochet, watch a movie, BLOG!

So i'm really torn right now. I mean the weekend is when i get to spend real quality time with my little cupcake. And i'm not going to get that this week. But i know that the hubs and i need an "adult" weekend (bow chicka wow wow). I know that we need to get out and have fun. I also know that i will be fine. I will miss my little girl worse then i would miss my right arm, but we'll make it through.

So pray for us, this is our first FULL adult (bow chicka wow wow... yes i have to say that every time i say adult)weekend. Before it would be a night.... or drive down with her, drop her like a bad habit and then pick her up to snuggle together in her carseat on the way home. Not this weekend.... this weekends goal is to get back early on Sunday because ya'll, i really need my right arm.

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  1. Good luck on your first weekend sans baby! Enjoy every second of the freedom and carefree-ness!