Monday, September 13, 2010

It's like this... do you want to know?

SO a new installment of the McFatty Thursday but on a MONDAY! I thought that it might be fun to "try out" some diets/workouts etc for you. I know you've always wondered "does this REALLY work???" about a lot of programs that promise results. Plus you want to know if you could really find the time to do it, how easy it is, etc.

Well Hello, I'm your new Guinea-pig! Do you want to know what the 30 day shred will really do to your body in 30 days? Do you want to know what a particular diet will do, will it even help?

So i've tired A LOT of diets in my life and some DO work but they are work... so where's the helpfulness in that?? We all gain weight because it's easier. It's easier to grab fast food or pop a pizza in the oven. It's easier to get lost in To Do's around the house then take 30 minutes to workout. So I'll let you know if a diet or workout program is really worth your time!

So let me know what you want me to try! I'll do one program at a time so you can really know how it helps/ effects your body, etc.

There ARE rules for suggestions though.
1. I DO NOT have a hour and a half to workout each day so please don't recommend one that needs me to... because honestly if we all had an hour and half to workout every day we wouldn't be in this situation to begin with!

2. I DO need to eat, so no grapefruit diets, liquid diets, etc.

I promise to:
1. Take embarrassing before and after pictures
2. Constantly update you on the progress
3. To tell you the truth about what i think and if you should spend the money and time on it

So I'll let you know on Thursday what i'll be trying out first. Until then let me know what you would like for me to try!

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