Sunday, September 19, 2010

Baby Sounds

So as Kinsley is learning to speak she is CONSTANTLY trying out new sounds. It can be sequels, screams, or letter sounds, and every now and then it's a word. Currently the "words" that we've heard leave her lips (whether she knows what she's saying or not) are:


Yes you read that right, Cock. Right soooo here's my theory on that. Her name is Kinsley and often we call her K or KK. SOOO she hears the Ca sound A.LOT. So now she walks around going CaCa... so she sounds like a deranged bird. BUT every now and then she completes the sound with a K sound so it comes out as Cak... which sounds like Cock. Awesome.

So if you see me in a store hiding behind a rack of clothes while you hear this strange bird squawking and saying Cock... please don't judge!

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