Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Boob rejection and formula sympathy

So Kinsley has rejected my boobs. It's very disturbing in a way. This is the first time Thelma and Louise (yes they have been named) have been rejected. I mean I know they aren't what they use to be, but come on. They use to be these happy little B cups that often passed for a C cup. They were up high so everyone could see and appreciate them. Then they started trying to reach that elusive C cup status because they were tired of being mistaken for something they weren't. Well they over shot and went straight to a D cup. They were still pretty nice, a little heavier, so not QUITE as happy to sit up high, but nothing a cute and lazy bra friend couldn't help!

Then pregnancy happened, and we all know what pregnancy leads to... birth and then milk production. So then they went from these Big Fun play toys that could get me free drinks to BEING someone elses drink. sigh~

They have been sustaining the life of Kinsley by offering her up Mommy Milkshakes on demand for Nine and half months. Even after she started trying to bite the boob that fed her, they would still give her the sweet milky nectar. But now, they haven't stopped their end of the deal...

... we made a deal, they feed all the kids I have for at least a year each, then I'll have them picked back up and placed where I believe God would still want them if he had the time to fix them his self, but alas he is too busy with Aids, Murders, Hurricanes, and other world epidemics to remember to pick my boobs up off the floor, so I will help the guy out. Until then i'll just roll them up jelly roll style and tuck them into a bra and hope no one notices that they can wrap around a small child's waist...

...geez sorry, okay back to what i was saying! They are still holding up their end and pumping (ha, not pun intended) out the good stuff, but Kinsley has decided that she is just too busy to sit and nurse from me, she needs a bottle ALL.THE.TIME. She wants you to follow her mouth wherever she turns it because she has taken after her Mama and is very nosey and wants to know what is going on ALL.THE.TIME.

So, I am pumping my brains out. This means that she gets a bottle before bed and in the morning...she USED to get boobs when we were home. So now i have to plan and that equals me having a whole new respect for formula Moms. Before I've never had to plan ahead (besides for daycare really) for Kinsley's bottles. If we're out somewhere, cool I have a hooter hider and would feed her. She wakes up at night, it's cool i'll pop it out. In the mornings? No problem I've got the ole' boob handy.

But NOOO, Kinsley will have none of that (even if she's half asleep). Last night she was so tired i was POSITIVE she would latch right on for the comfort of going to sleep... I even tried spraying a little out to help her remember where her bottles come from. Yet, all I accomplished was a baby covered in breast milk screaming for her bottle.

So now i really am a jersey cow, hooked up to a pumping machine 24/7.

My hope is i can pump enough to get through at least another month, which will get us to 10 1/2 months. Then we can start using my basement supply up, which will get us to 11 1/2 and by then we'll be close enough to start Whole milk (in my opinion). I just REALLY don't want to have to transition her to formula and then transition again to whole milk! So we'll see~


  1. talk to your doctor before you transition to formula THEN to whole milk. They may say that with your stash to just start her on whole milk. Mine advised of doing this when I give up pumping and said that it would not be an issue. Talk to the pedi.

  2. Yikes! I wonder if this is just a phase she's going through? Hopefully you can keep up with the pumping.