Thursday, September 2, 2010

Guest Blogger Thursday: Mr. Mom!

I LOVE this guest blogger as his place in life is near and dear to me. He is a stay at home DAD! How cool is that! Some of you might know that my own Dad was a Stay At Home Dad too! He stayed home with my brother and i until i was almost in Kindergarten. It was AWESOME! He made the neighborhood blueberry pancakes, built us a fort on telephone polls (meaning, HUGE), and just had fun with us. Many children rarely get to see their Dad's so how lucky were we and how lucky is Liam?!?!

So I just KNEW that i had to have Nils guest post on here, so i hope ya'll enjoy and be sure to check out his Blog Being Mr. Mom!

The Power of Sleep
A week ago I was more than tired from taking care of our little tooth factory. My wife was home from work for a few days and told me after we put the little guy to bed, that I should go to sleep too. This was before 8pm and very unusual for me to go to bed that early. Usually we would get stuff done after our son goes to bed between 7 and 8.
I actually took my better half's suggestion and went straight to bed...
The best part of it all was, that my wonderful wife let me sleep in the next morning! Oh heaven...
I was so damn tired that I didn't even wake up at the "usual" time my little man gets up.
So I slept about 12 hours and after I had breakfast I was still tired. Or maybe tired again?
Believe it or not, I went back to bed and slept 2 more hours! WOW! This was new and so needed...
After all that sleep and a hot shower I felt like NEW! I haven't felt like this in a long, long time.
And I still feel the positive effects today!

My wife is gone for days in a row due to her job, what puts me in 24/7 mode at these days. It's especially stressfull when the little man is teething (which he has been doing for the last 8 months). He has exactly as many teeth as month he is old. 14... What can I say?

We always put our little man first and my wife and I are a great team. "What's gonna work? Team work!" ;-) But everyone needs a break every once in a while and we need to remind ourselves to take it! It's really important and so refreshing and helpful for the days to come.

I love being a Dad and everything what comes with it! :-) Sometimes we just need a little rest, or a little bit more sleep (if possible of course! I know!), or just a break from it all to function, "normally".
Liam 13 month 044.JPG
Ok everybody, get some sleep, so you can enjoy your family refreshed...
Mr. Mom
(Any misspelled words you may find, are yours to keep) ;-)


  1. My husband was a stay at home daddy when he got laid off and I was back at work. I LOVED it when he was home cause he can cook some killer the house was cleaned when I got home too! It's a hard job!!! I think he misses it!

  2. I feel you! sometimes 14hrs of sleep is REQUIRED to re-charge! ;-)