Wednesday, September 15, 2010

She's possessed i just know it!

Quick, find an exorcist, i need them now. that's the only explanation, Kinsley is possessed!
Do you see that sweet little picture in the last post... where she's sleeping so peacefully? Yeah that was NOT taken last night... nope Not.At.All.

Why was it not taken last night? Because she was NOT sleeping... peacefully or not! She was awake! A.Lot. Okay I lied, she did sleep... if she was ON ME. No not next to me cuddled in bed... On.Me. Uh huh. She could NOT be put down without crying, A.Lot. She could not be nursed to sleep. NOTHING. UH!

Last night at one point i sent the hubs in, no luck, she screamed louder. So i went in to "help"... yea, stopped crying as soon as she saw me. UH!

Alright ya'll, i LOVE my baby and i LOVE my husband but i seriously wanted to throttle them both last night. I mean not so much the baby, since well, she's a baby... but TOTALLY the hubs. After I took K off his hands the boy had the nerve to go back to sleep! I mean yes, whatever, one of us should sleep if the other one can't right? HELL NO! If Momma isn't sleeping then NO ONE will be sleeping anymore. I want him to stay awake starring at me in case i need something from him. WHICH I DID! WHICH HE WASN'T AWAKE to hear!

Then this morning... when he's getting ready to leave and I accidentally haven't gotten out of bed because i fell back asleep for 30 minutes WITH the baby ON me... I ask him to help me because i'm going to be late... His response? "Well just try to lay her there and see what happens because I'm late too". I. Don't. Flippin. Care! If you're late too! STAY! Because ya'll know what happened... she laid there without waking up, until 5 mins later when he shut the door to leave the house... then she woke up and could NOT be put down without HUGE crocodile tears and earth shattering screams!

I still don't know what crawled up her diaper and bit her in the ass last night. She doesn't have a tooth cutting, she doesn't have a fever, she's had consistent bowel movements... I'm left with only one option... Demons. Got to be those damn demons again.

So while i research ways on concurring demons, I'll let you enjoy some boots that i'm dreaming about!

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  1. Awww. Sorry E. Hope it gets better and you can get some Zzzz's. On a lighter note - cute boots!