Saturday, September 18, 2010

Do the Men even get it?!?!?

So I tell my Cowboy that i need help. Sometimes he helps me, sometimes he doesn't. Normally when i need help it's not a one time thing, i would like for it to continue into the future. Example, I need help in the mornings, so don't help me once and think you covered it!

See here's MY mornings:

Get up (if K hasn't already gotten me up to feed her) and get in the shower.
Pick out clothes
Do hair
Do makeup
Feed K
Dress K
Get anything K needs for the day (extra clothes, wipes, diapers)
Get my lunch, breakfast, and coffee made (sometimes i try to do some of this the night before... sometimes it just doesn't happen)
Get K's bottles and breakfast together (again try to do it the night before, sometimes not happening)
Take the dogs out one last time
Pack pump bag with bottles, parts, etc
Make sure i have everything i need for work
give the dogs a treat
do a balanacing act of carrying my work bag, pump bag, K's bag, and K to the car... oh and coffee
Take K to daycare
drive to work

Here's the Cowboys schedule
roll out of bed
feed dogs while getting his breakfast ready
take dogs out
take stuff to car
come back to get his breakfast
go to work.

Now does that seem fair to ya'll?

At night here's our schedules
pick up K
get home and feed dogs, let them out and figure out dinner
make dinner while entertaining K and trying to keep the dogs from bugging K
Make sure her milk is in the fridge (sometimes i forget to throw it in there)
Get dinner on the table before K has a complete meltdown.
eat dinner
(now here is where it gets tricky... if chris is or isn't home)
Isn't: Then go up and give K a bath and do the bed time ritual, etc
then come down, make sure we have pump bottles for the next day, if not start dish washer, after cleaning and loading the dishes into the dishwasher.
If i have the forethought and energy, make K's bottles and my meals for the next day.
Take dogs out again, maybe catch a show on TV, normally go up stairs, do other random things needing to be done and fall into bed.

Is Home: He does bath and i still do everything else

Cowboy's night?
He'll make his lunch for the next day, if he's home give K a bath. sometimes will clean the kitchen... uh huh...

God help me i love him! And he's an AMAZING husband... but sometimes... sometimes i need a maid!

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