Tuesday, September 7, 2010

These boot are gonna walk all over you

Great, fantastic... I JUST got use to her crawling, NOW we want to encourage her to walk? I mean she's already pulling up, or rather pulling down all her friends at school because she wants to stand. Now we want her to use them as her walking post? Awesome!

So my Mom REALLY wanted to get Kinsley a walking toy for her house and I thought this would be cool because I didn't think it would really be used yet since well, Kinsley walking isn't that stable... in other words, the walker rolls and Kinsley doesn't, yet she keeps holding on so that equals splat.

BUT it turns out walkers on carpet (our main floor is hardwood) actually kinda works! And once she got the hang of it we were doing laps! She even made it work on non-carpet floors, her legs just had to learn how to run, lol.

Here's the sassy girl now!

Oops we fell, hee hee. That's her stuborn "I'll show you" face.

"talk to the ruffles"

Yep it's a winner... this toy was SUPPOSED to be a Sasha's House toy but yep, it's in the back of the truck with everything else we're taking back!

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