Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The good, the bad, and the ugly

I write this post with a little sadness. This weekend we went to NC for yet another wedding. This was our fifth of seven weddings this year. We were really excited about it too! It was going to be our little first mini-vaca without Kinsley. We were excited to see good friends and have an over-all good time.

We got to Lincolnton, NC early so I could have my nails touched up and get a pedicure! Heaven! When we checked into the Hotel (Comfort Inn) our room was a sauna, but they moved us and even gave us a discount! Awesome!

So off to the rehearsal we go! Now, check out this awesome hunting themed grooms cake! The hubs was TOTALLY jealous!
Chris go to hang out with one of his best friends Mike and i got some good bonding time in with Mike's new Wife Allison!
We were completely ready for a GREAT weekend!
And then after the rehearsal and the bar afterwards it all started to slowly go downhill. First, Allison and I decided to bunk together to allow the three amigos (Hubs, her hubs, and my best friend's hubs) bonding time. As we're getting ready for bed we notice the carpet is damp... lovely, putting on flip flops. Then we pull back the stained comforter to see blood stained sheets. I mean it wasn't like a cow was butchered, more like a scab was picked but GROSS!! Seriously. Oh it was on a pillow case too! So once THOSE were changed and we wrapped our pillows inn our own belongings, we went to bed, around 2am.

Until 9 am... when housekeeping entered our room because they wanted to "count" our towels. He the proceeded to take the dirty ones and NEVER bring us clean ones! Awesome.

So Allison and I make the most of a bad night and go shopping... where we bought AWESOME shoes!

We get back, everyone gets ready. We meet they guys at the wedding (that they are in) and enjoy a very humorous and touching ceremony!

There's the groom now (Cowboy's old college roommate)
The HUGE wedding party... really LOVED the bridesmaid dresses!
We got to visit with old friends we had lost touch with...
And loved on each other...
...and then the bottom fell out. Ya'll I feel SOOO bad for the bride and groom but they wanted me to warn anyone i could so here I am warning!

DO NOT have your wedding at WOODMILL WINERY in vale, NC. Here's the low-down.

9pm rolls around and people are getting cut off at the bar and next thing we know NO ONE is getting served. Why? Because they shut the bar down an hour before the end of the reception... um except it doesn't end until 11. Hmmm. So after a few words from the brides parents they open it back up. BUT WAIT! Music MUST be turned off by 930. WHAT?!?! Why? "Policy"

So here they have the place rented until 11 but they can't have music or a bar.... riiiiight.

They owner was spouting something about "their contract" and the brides parents were calling Bull Shit. The Bride was spitting fire (rightfully so) and saying that the lady they had their contract made with said X, Y, and Z... or else they would have never had their wedding there to begin with (b/c ya'll, they wanted a party... no bar and no music does not a party make!)... to which the owner replied "Well, she doesn't work here anymore". So he let someone go, after she made promises on his behalf to people... to which he won't honor those promises, nor took the time to make sure ahead of time that was understood.

Instead this man shut the wedding down and made it so that whenever anyone, including the Bride and Groom remember their special day it will forever be tainted by his abdominal customer service.

So basically, IF you live in the Gastonia/Lincolnton/Hickory area of NC tell you friends and family to NOT have their wedding at Woodmill Winery. I mean their wine isn't that good (taste like grape juice or stale wine) and besides everything else, you never know what you're going to get come the day of your wedding.

The owner wanted to make sure I mentioned that he "allowed" them to go 30mins PAST the time they were supposed to be playing music... so every PLEASE thank him for allowing them to be able to throw the bouquet and garter WITH music... since they didn't know that it was supposed to be cut off an hour and a half before the end of the wedding. So thanks Larry for being so incredibly thoughtful (please notice the sarcasm dripping from every letter).

I would really appreciate it if any and everyone would pass this message and/or post along to friends/family/etc or even repost it so that we can stop other brides from having their wedding ruined and having to finish their reception at a friends house. I think it's interesting that on their web page they have "A Winery with a Heart" since obviously there was no heart present this night.

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