Saturday, October 9, 2010

8 weeks and counting!

For Kinsley Party i was looking for a way to make a really big and bright statement without spending a lot of money. AND i wanted to bring the 20 foot ceilings of the Garage we're using a bit lower so that the decorations, etc really surrounded our guest. So I don't have a picture of the ones I'm making because i'm not going to fluff them up until the day before the party, BUT Pom Poms! Lots and Lots of Pom Poms
Mine look like this right now, except i'm doing mostly rounded edges
In a rainbow of colors and MANY different sizes!
I want them everywhere!
And you can get big packs of tissue paper from the dollar store!
I can make like 10 of these for a dollar!
I'm just going to string twine between the walls of the garage and then hang these and other things (another Saturday's post) from them to create a really fun effect!

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