Wednesday, October 6, 2010

THIS is happiness

To my husband these pictures represent a mess. They represent things that we need to clean up and get done before we can relax. To me, though, these pictures represent happiness. These are proof that we have an amazing, happy and loved daughter. These pictures show that she lives here and that we are a family. It shows that she's on the move, since the toys are EVERYWHERE, and it shows that we have more important things to do then run around after her picking up every toy that she's just going to take right back out.

This toy below... one of her favorites. It goes to this other toy but she likes JUST this piece because she can shake it in her hand and it makes a noise as its head goes up and down. She LOVES its.
This is also very entertaining... anything that makes noise makes her happy!
Part of her new Little Peoples car, great for eating!
Random book that she likes to taste and take with her as she tries to escape the dogs.
The toy corner, notice EVERYTHING makes noise, including the baby doll.

This is love. No not the amount or type of toys she has (even though i do get most from the consignment shop or totswaps!)... the fact that she knows her space, is learning t get around and that she has made this house a home. A lived in home!

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