Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where oh where has my carmera gone

The little shit ran away i swear it! And sadly i doubt i can use this as an excuse to get a new dream camera out of the Cowboy. He's SPENT, or rather his wallet is. See i needed work clothes... if i have to be out of the house working away from my sweet little butter bean of a child that wanted nothing more to snuggle with her Mama this morning, THEN i will look decent doing it.

Looking decent involves wearing pants that don't give me a diaper butt.
Wearing clothes that aren't Maternity clothes (since that was my wardrobe this time last year)
Wearing shoes that don't have a nail for a heel since the rubber has worn off.
Wearing underwear that can't be used to help sail a ship because it's so big.

See i did GREAT on McFatty watch last week, until the weekend, when it all can crashing down this weekend... but we're back on track and looking up~ So the clothes that were already too big were BIG... Loosing water weight will do that to ya! Seriously. I mean it's not like I needed a whole new wardrobe because of one week of dieting, I'm not THAT anorexic, okay bad joke. BUT you can tell how things WILL fit so rather then buying stuff with room for more i bought stuff that would still look good will a little less (yet still nice at this moment in time).

Oh it was glorious, shopping for clothes that weren't going to cover a baby bump. Shopping for pants with zippers and pockets. Oh yes, this fall was heaven! I was even able to buy boots that fit over my calves since they weren't giving real calves (you know the Moo kind) a run for their money. Even though Cows actually have very slim calves, maybe i should do the all and only grain diet~

So, my camera is missing, i'm looking for it... i know i had it on Thursday for a play date, the question is, where did it go from there... and as i'm typing this i think i just remembered where it is! EUREKA! I knew this blog was good for something!

Oh and a very big shout out to Becca and her new baby girl! So glad to hear that ya'll are healthy and happy and that Joey will now have a girlfriend, not that there was any question on THAT front.

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