Wednesday, October 13, 2010

vent of sorts

So you may comment or flame and i'll publish it. Other post, if you flame them and do it as an anonymous poster then i won't publish them. If you want to say something bad, do it with a name and then i'll publish you, that way if i or my guest poster wants to continue the discussion with you there is a name they can continue it with.

I will first apologize for any misspellings or grammar errors, as i'm sure you're used to in this blog, this post will be worse because i'm venting and there aren't any grammar corrections for venting because it's me venting and therefore my thoughts are not appropriate for the pages of a English 101 class.

So here's my wine worthy venting post of the month. Apparently i'm the only person who thinks a big blow out is appropreate for a first birthday. See apparently i'm supposed to save this for the 8th birthday, when Kinsley will remember it. But why can't i do it for ALL for EVERY birthday? I'm celebrating her birth. I'm celebrating how AWESOME her first year of life was for our family. I'm decorating!

It's news to well NO ONE that i LOVE to decorate and throw parties. I used to decorated my house for my Mom for almost every Holiday, because it was never enough. I decorate my offices that i work in, i decorated for my OWN birthday parties. I was the social chair and Greek chair of my sorority. Am i throwing a party? Well if I am, then it's a theme party! IT's what i do. It's what i'm good at. I'm not good at a lot of things. I'm not super smart. I'm not the ideal housewife with a super clean house and lingerie under the business suit that i wore to my CEO worthy job. I work at the government and i do a pretty good job at my job. I go to church, most of the time and used to sing, until my heart wasn't in it and now my voice isn't completely in it.

Being a Mom and Planning parties is the only thing I'm REALLY good at. I try to decorate, and it's okay but give me a party with your theme/colors/likes and BAM it's going to be a champagne party on a beer budget!

but apparently this birthday party of Kinsley's that i'm planning has everyone is a big TO DO. See it's in poor taste that i want everyone there that has told me they really want to be there. It's in poor taste that i want to hand make all of the awesome decorations so they are perfect for her theme and not the typical decorations. So please raise your hand if you're really not that into seeing Kinsley turn one and i won't send you an invite. But if you feel like you really need one then let me know and you'll be invited to the house that can only hold like 20 people MAX IF we plan on using the unfinished basement that is now PACKED with stuff that we holding until the next baby that i'm not allowed to plan steller birthdays for until they are 8.

Dramatic much? Yes, i am. But i'm also very hurt by the fact that I'm not allow to be excited and I'm not allowed to plan a party that tops all parties that I've planned for my first and only child on her First ever birthday without catching loads of crap from everyone. First i get bitched at for NOT inviting people then i get bitched at for inviting people. I can't win and i don't want to.

I am throwing Kinsley a kickass party. I'm making the decorations and i'm going to make anything else that i need to that others don't want to help with because this party is too OVERBOARD for them. This is going to be a party that all of the other kids remember and kinsley will relive in the photo albums that i create because, oh yea, i'm good at that too.

So yes Kinsley might have an over the top party that she won't remember. It might cost me... ummm as much as a regular party since i'm making all of the decorations myself. If you don't like it... why does it matter? It's not your kid!

Are you throwing you kid a HUGE party or do you want to? At least decoration, etc wise maybe. Do people think you're crazy?

Comment here if you want me to do a custom give away. I will make you party decorations. OR you can have kinsley's (minus her name on what i can custom create). Depending on how many people show interest will decide how much i include in the custom package. More people = more stuff for the winner... AND GO!


  1. I think you have every right to go all'll be lots of fun, and if you enjoy it, just do it! It'll be great, I can't wait! I know Kins can't say it, but I know she appreciates it too. :)

  2. Ignore all the silly people around you! Go all out for Kinsley's first party. You're not only celebrating the milestone that is her reaching her first birthday, but also the milestone of having survived the first year of life with a baby. As much as the party is a celebration is for her, it's also for you.

    I'm in the big-party-for-1st-birthday camp too and I plan on going all out for C's 1st birthday. I don't care what anyone has to say about it because (a) it's not their child and (b) they aren't paying for anything. All am asking is for them to celebrate with me and if they can't do that, then they suck. Plain and simple. People don't need to like what you do, they just need to support you.

  3. Love it!
    First birthdays are about celebrating EVERYONE making it through the first year!
    Don't worry, I threatened to cut out my husband's entire family from the guest list unless he finished our basement so we had room for everyone in our tiny house!

  4. I don't think you are crazy at all. My husband thinks I am absolutely nuts for wanting to throw he r a huge 1st birthday party, 3 months after the fact. =) Oh yes, you heard me right. We live in a SMALL mountain town and all of our family lives 1100 miles away. We always go home in May for a month to visit and I want to throw her a huge party with all of our family. There just aren't really that many people up here to be able to throw her the party she deserves, so she get a small party with us and some close friends here at home and then her rockin party 3 months later with all of our family. =)

  5. I think the BIGGER the BETTER!! Im right there with you. Averie's party was big and over the top because I wanted it to be and thats all that matters. Once day K will be able to express her joy for having you as a mother and all the wonderful things you do for her!! I say party away!!! Only wish I could be there to attend the party of the year!!