Monday, October 4, 2010

McFatty Monday

So it's for real this time... at least the diet part, i make no promises on the workouts because i know myself TOO well. But I am on a serious diet crack down starting TODAY! Why is THIS time different then ALL of those other times? Because Kinsley is 10 months old today! that means i have 2 months to loose a chuck of weight by her first birthday so that i don't hate her pictures! AHHHH!

Plus this is my last week of pumping "normally". Starting next week i'll go to only 3-4 sessions a day instead of 5. Then after two weeks of that i will only pump in the mornings and evenings. then not at all. What does all that mean?? I won't be burning the calories that i use to be burning... AHHH!

So that's it... I'm fed up with myself and my excuses... we're doing this! I HAVE to love myself eventually so today is the day.... because look at this little cutie. This is her before school on Friday and well... She's so cute i don't want to have to burn her first birthday pictures because i'm in them!

God i love that kid! She's so beyond cute and happy and freakin adorable that i can't stand but smile at just the thought of her! MUWAH! Momma loves you!

1 comment:

  1. Your little one is soooo cute! :-) Great pictures!
    You can do it!!! I started exercising last week again, just because I can't hear my own excuses anymore...