Sunday, October 3, 2010

Flame Her Sunday

Get it, Flamer... except i'm not gay, thought about it because then i would get TWO closets to choose from, but I would prefer a "tougher" kind of girl i think so i most likely wouldn't like her clothes... and there's the whole Sex thing... and God thing. So not gay but still flamin!

So i'm going to take Sundays now to talk about things that some people might want to attack me for, which is fine, everyone has an opinion... so lets begin.

Today I'm going to talk about baby proofing..

Now I'm all for it... to an extent. See what really bothers me is that parents would rather "baby proof" rather then teach their child what they can and can't play with. I mean yes lets baby proof outlets and extremely sharp edges (for new walkers). Lets put up a gate and secure doors leading to the outside world. But a guard for the DVD player? A toilet paper roll saver? A Stove guard?

here's my take on these... TELL YOUR CHILDREN NO! What are you going to do when you bring your child over to my house and i haven't bubble wrapped the entire house? HOLD your child the entire time? Now i know that a lot of these things were invited for reasons... like saving your DVD player from being completely ruined and having to buy a new one. But seriously, if you don't teach your child it's not a toy then they are going to come to my house, break mine and I'm going to make you buy me a new one!

I have dogs, I also have decorations ON MY COFFEE TABLE! I also have a ceramic duck (it's the hubs, i've allowed it to enter my den, on the lower shelf of a end table in the corner)... Kinsley KNOWS (at not quite 10 months old) that these things are off limits. Does this stop her from trying? No, but do i just give up and take away all temptation so i don't have to keep reminding her not to touch? No (as much as i would like to remove the Duck, the dogs would not appreciate not being able to get a drink of water when they are thirsty, so these things must stay). I go over to her, tap her hand (quick call the authorities, I'm abusing my child) and move her to another location in the room. Now yes right after this she does laugh at me and often times crawls right back to where she was, WHILE looking over her shoulder to see if I'm watching, but I.Don't.Give.Up! I'm just as stubborn as this little girl, especially when it comes to teaching her lessons that will stick with her for the rest of her life. And no i don't mean, don't touch the duck lessons, although that is a good one since they are often little monsters trying to peck at you if you run out of bread. The lessons she will learn is that Mommy has a reason for everything. Don't touch the duck because the duck is breakable and if it breaks (while Mommy will secretly rejoice and do the happy dance) Daddy will be sad. So as she learns Don't Touch, she'll remember what that means when she toddles towards to the open oven door and I yell out Don't Touch. She'll stop (hopefully) and not touch and then i'll explain to her that it's hot and will hurt her.

So please, protect your children but don't make them live in a bubble so that when they come to my house we have to keep the paramedics on standby.

that is all

flame away

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  1. I agree completely. I remember when we took the classes before C was born and someone came in to give a safety talk. The person basically recommended wrapping every square inch of your house in bubble wrap. At the time I remember thinking "why not just tell your kid no?" but what did I know? I was still pregnant and had no clue how things would be once the baby got here. Well, she's here now and at almost 8 months old the extent of my baby proofing has been setting up a baby gate. I tell her no and she kind of gets it but the really important things is that I am with her all the time and really aware of what she's doing. I don't think every.single.thing needs to be baby proofed when I'm the biggest and most important baby proofing mechanism she has.