Friday, October 29, 2010

Story of our lives...

This little girl is out of control I tell you. This is the story of our lives, always in the car. Going here and there. But the best part? Watching Kinsley in the car (which of course i only do at stop lights and out of my rear view mirror). She has a mirror in front of her that she likes to watch when she's practicing her squawking, i mean talking. She thinks it's so funny to stick her tongue out at herself, and see how close to her head she can pull her feet. Such an entertainer~!

This weekend Chris and I did plan on going to an adult Halloween party (as John and Lorena Bobbitt, HA i know right!) but we've decided to forgo the obvious fun we would have as everyone realized what we were to spend time with Kinsley! And I'm SO freaking excited about it! I'm going to be going to (my first ever!) a work conference on Monday and i won't get back until Wednesday and basically I already miss my little cupcake. So i need as much K time as i can get before they make me leave her (kicking and screaming). So, while you won't get any AWESOME shots of Chris and I in our hot mess attempt at a free costume, you WILL get LOTS of Kinsley photos... which I'll upload through tears each evening of the conference after i finishing skyping her to bed.

So until then... have a safe and happy Halloween!

PS I'll also have pictures to share of the costume parade they had at Kinsley's school!


  1. Great blog, Kinsley is adorable and I love your party theme...everything looks fantastic.
    Just a quick FYI...something I didn't know as a first time mom (no judging, I promise)...MD law says you must rear face your carseat till 20lbs or one year. Your child is 75%5 times safer refacing until atleast 2 years (vs one). Google "benefits of extended rear facing" for more fun facts.

  2. Oops, meant to type:
    one year AND atleast 20 lbs.
    Again, no judgement....just passing on info that I wish someone would have passed on to me. :o)